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Register for M&S Internet Banking

Register for M&S Internet Banking

You can register for M&S Internet Banking using either your M&S Credit Card or account details.

To register using your Credit Card you'll need your

  • M&S Credit Card
  • credit limit.

To register using your current or savings account details you'll need your

  • M&S sort code and account number
  • telephone security number.

To sign in to Internet Banking you will need to generate a security code using the Digital M&S PASS, which is provided within the M&S Banking App. You can download the App once you've registered.

If you don't have a smart phone or tablet you will need to order a physical M&S PASS to sign in to Internet Banking.

Already have your M&S PASS?

If you ordered your M&S PASS as part of your M&S Current Account or Premium Current Account application and have already received this you can activate your pass now.

You will need your telephone security number, M&S PASS and activation code.